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My Mushroom Brethren

I love mushrooms and fungus, especially shelf fungi. I've loved them since I was a little kid, since my mom collected mushroom stuff, like statues, mushroom shaped mirrors, and pictures.

We mushrooms ought to stick to baseball. Flying is for the birds.
~~ Ward Cleaver, "Leave it to Beaver"

mush·room n. 1. Any of various fleshy fungi of the class Basidiomycota, characteristically having an umbrella-shaped cap borne on a stalk, especially any of the edible kinds, as those of the genus Agaricus. 2. Something shaped like one of these fungi.

fun·gus n., pl. fun·gi or fun·gus·es. Any of numerous eukaryotic organisms of the kingdom Fungi, which lack chlorophyll and vascular tissue and range in form from a single cell to a body mass of branched filamentous hyphae that often produce specialized fruiting bodies. The kingdom includes the yeasts, molds, smuts, and mushrooms.

Mushrooms are beautiful. The way they emerge so suddenly, in their many colors and shapes. You can grow mushrooms at home from kits. I sometimes collect shelf fungus by pulling them off the trees... they make great decorations outside in a garden among the plants (be sure to wash your hands after handling all fungi, including mushrooms). Some people like to go mushroom hunting and collect wild mushrooms to eat. Be sure you KNOW the kind of mushrooms you are collecting. DO NOT eat a mushroom unless you are sure it is safe. Mushrooms make great subjects for photography, both color and black and white.

Some of the links I have included contain links to sites about mushrooms for psychedelic purposes. I do not necessarily condone or encourage such uses, and the links below do not necessarily reflect my opinions.

A recent government survey has proved that all mushrooms are edible. Some, however, are only edible once.


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