velvet dragon

If you knew time as well as I do, you wouldn't call him mean!

Nifty thingiebobs offered up for the discriminating (*cough*) websurfer. More fun than your average roadkill. (Wait a minute. I like roadkill.)

  • QuoteFile -- Tser's small but always growing collection. Watch out or you may find yourself quoted! ... poorly updated.
  • Mad Libs -- A javascript mad libs to fill in with the proper particles for a laugh.
  • Funny Quotes -- Or at least Tser thought they were funny.
  • The Art of Annoying People -- All sorts of lists concerning how to annoy various people in various places.
  • Jokes -- Forwarded e-mail types that Tser deletes without reading.
  • Comics -- Great print and digital comics you should check out.
  • Stick Tser Rendering Program -- By Steve, see how the computer interprets instructions on how to draw Tser.
  • CyberSlugs Adoption Agency -- Adopt cute pixelated 'Slugs and more for your webpage.
  • Fun, Weird and/or Useless Links -- Uhmm... wanna surf?

    And now, some toys for my webpage.

    Tina the Troubled Teen

    The Weather in Hell

    A Quote

    Uncle Hyman


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