Nick's One True Love -- Without the Associated Angst

The following material could be considered ADULT - at the very least, there are a few double
entendres ahead! 


It's Quinn and Gail from the recesses of Allie's computer. (Help us - she won't let us out! She's
trying to make us into screensavers!) 

But seriously, there can be no doubt in either of our minds what this new faction should be
called...why Auto-Erotica, of course! 

C'mon, let's think about this. Who else has Nick actually slept with since he came to Toronto?
Sure, there's some speculation about Marion Blackwing but there's no doubt about the Caddy. We've
seen Nick climbing out of the trunk on several occasions, sometimes he's "smoking," but he's
always smiling. What's one of the few things that Nick has whammied Schanke into doing? Wash the
Caddy! BTW, at the end of the episode "Close Call," did anyone else notice the dreamy look on
Don's face while he' the fin. (Oh, is *that* what the kids are calling it

Questions? Comments? Tell it to Allie! Please no flames, gas is highly flammable. 

One other question, does anyone know if the Caddy has an automatic or a manual transmission?
There's a question about the type of stickshift... 

Keep your pedal to the metal, 

Gail & Quinn, the double entendres with assistance from our favorite backseat driver, Allison