Nick's One True Love -- CaddyWhack Style

I'm probably going to get into trouble for this. I'm sleepy from a long bike ride today and I
shouldn't be posting at all. But I was foolish enough to catch up on most of my list mail before
hitting the sack, and the energy and emotion behind the latest string of posts about Nick & his
true love have struck a chord in me. 

Am I the only one with an alternate view? Who thinks that maybe Nick's One True Love isn't
Natalie, nor Janette, nor even Lacroix? That somehow most of us are missing all the signs that
point to the one he *really* cares about? 

Obviously Nick's true love is the Caddy. He spends more time with her than anyone else, caring for
her when she needs some TLC (e.g., those nasty dents inflicted on her by Schanke), revving her
engine, playing footsie with her pedals. We often see Nick and the Caddy together with her top
down -- now what other regular FK character can we say that about?? Nick has also been heard on
several occasions to publicly admire her boot... um, her trunk. And who is it that Nick spent most
of his "day in the sun" with in The Fix??? The Caddy!! 

When Nick needs to clear his head, he goes to *her* and spends time with *her* tooling around the
city playing music. And Nick leaves his old stuff cluttering her glove box. You don't see Nick
leaving personal belongings at Nat, Janette, or Lacroix's place, do you?? And just who is it that
lives at the same address as Nick??? He has gone so far as to take her to Natalie's place,
Janette's place, Lacroix's studio.... He doesn't even try to hide his relationship with her. Her
importance to him is simply understood and accepted by all by all. 

'Nuff said. ;-)