The CaddyWhack Picture Gallery!

Welcome to the CaddyWhack picture gallery!! I want to say thanks to everyone who's helped me find pics of the Caddy or let me use ones they've grabbed or found. Nancy, Bonnie, BJ, thanks! If you have any NickKnack CaddyWhack related pictures (any pictures of the *stuff* from FK) please drop me an email with the picture as an attachment.

Click on the thumbnail to see the full size version. The thumbnails are .gifs, while the larger pics are almost all .jpgs. If you're browser doesn't like .jpg, please tell me and I can find a way to get you the pics.

Caddy Closeups

Doors come in handy when the tops up

Oh my my, what a fin

Various Views

It looks great from all angles

What's as beautiful than the Caddy in motion?

The Caddy parked!!

Comes in handy for frequent trips to the coroner's building

The Caddy from a vampire's eye view

This is different... doesn't that guy look like Nick? How come he hasn't spontaneously combusted yet?
(It even looks great in midday)

Vampire In Trunk
(VIT Scenes)

Where would Nick be without the Caddy during those
blistering daylight hours?

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