The following is by S. Clark, permission has been aquired to post it here.

Well, this one sprung from various postings on the FK discussion list. Thanks for the idea. Feedback is always welcome.

Permission given to archive at fkfanfic website as well as FTP site. No other permission is granted to repost/reprint/reuse. If you're interested, drop me a line.

And, as always, this is based on characters and situations that aren't mine. Thanks to TPTB for the use. They've been hermetically sealed and placed carefully back in the original wrapper.

The Caddie Edition (01/01) by S. Clark

7:48 Cut things too close on the last investigation. Will be spending the day parked in an alley.

7:58 Can't sleep.

8:05 Called Nat to ask her to drive the caddie back to the loft. She wasn't in. Left message.

8:10 Pulled out the travel chessboard. (Note to myself: putting chessboard in here was a good idea.)

8:25 Played a game of chess vs. myself. White lost.

8:45 Heard someone walk by out in the alley. Whoever it was hesitated near the car for a minute. I hope I haven't been vandalized.

9:15 Still can't sleep. It's not slick enough in here. (Note to self: Consider lining trunk with satin. Pack extra pajamas with chessboard, just in case.)

9:25 Called LaCroix and challenge him to a game of chess. I lost.

10:12 Called Nat again. Where is she? She's not at work, either. Left messages.

10:35 Lost again to LaCroix.

11:05 Heard someone outside car again. He didn't stay long, thankfully.

11:10 Called LaCroix. His phone message asked that I stop bothering him. Will try to sleep.

11:15 Hungry. (Note to self: keep a cooler and emergency supplies in trunk.)

12:08 Finally drifted off to sleep, only to be rudely awoken by a pack of adolescents who spent a good five minutes using the top of the trunk as a skateboard ramp.

12:12 Hungry. Can't sleep. Left messages for Nat.

12:15 (Note to self: consider packing a gameboy with chessboard.)

12:33 Tried calling Nat again. Phone's dead. (Note to self: put extra cel phone batteries in trunk emergency supplies.)

12:45 Spent time planning out what should go into the trunk emergency supply kit. After fully specifying exactly what I would need, I've decided there'd be no room left for me. Need to rethink this plan. Maybe after some sleep.

12:50 (Note to self: no matter what space requirements, put some books back here.)

1:05 Someone stopped by the caddie again. This time, no skateboards, thankfully.

2:20 Finally drifted off to sleep but again interrupted by sounds outside! This time it sounds like adults, truckers or something.

2:23 Figured out what men were doing outside car. Judging by current incline of caddie as well as feelings of movement, I'm being towed.

2:50 Movement's stopped. Hopefully they won't try to rummage in trunk. From heat of trunk hood, I'd guess I'm still parked outdoors. Will try to get some sleep.

3:15 Rudely awoken by radio blaring Slim Whitman, and someone with an unholy penchant for yodeling along.

4:33 Sunset! Finally! Only trouble is, those blasted little skateboarders seemed to have jammed the trunk closed. (Note to self: keep eyes out for "Moosie" or "Spike", approximately 15 years old, male.) Pounding to attract Slim Whitman fan, hoping I'll be heard above the noise.

5:15 Escape. Finally. Won't be too late for work. (Note to self: pack change of clothes in trunk. It's not worth putting up with Schanke's questions and innuendo. And send a wide selection of music to Ross at city impound for the trouble; something classical, perhaps.)


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