Tserisa's Pixel Bettas
(And Other Creatures)

I make pixel bettas for members of Ultimate Bettas. Members can view my thread with instructions on requesting them. Most of these bettas are based on someone's real pet, though some are imaginary. Since they are made for UB, they look best on a dark background.

Do not use, distribute, or alter these pictures. The only person who has permission to use the pixel betta I've made for them is the person who requested them, and then they are only allowed to use them on Ultimate Bettas unless they recieve expressed permission otherwise.

"Do not alter" also means that you can't alter the shape slightly and/or color it differently to match your own betta or something, and then call it your own. I've had this happen. If you wish to do your own pixel bettas, start from scratch, don't copy these.


Giant Bettas




Article and Art (copyright) Andrea Supalla
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